A Guide to Non-Typical Catfish Angling Techniques


A lot of individuals about to take one of my guided trips don’t believe that Catfish feed as boldy as other video game fish. People are used to tossing out their bait and also allowing it set while they wait. Some days this functions and they do not need to wait long, however some days most of us understand that the wait could be long. This waiting is what urged me to aim to capture Blue Cats using various other techniques. Some techniques are handed downed from generation to generation as well as these tried and also real techniques have captured Catfish because individuals have fished for them. I have actually used these techniques the majority of my life and it was the way I was shown to catch Catfish On the opposite end of the Cat-fishing spectrum, however, are two newer methods that I have actually been utilizing to consistently capture Catfish, as well.

Fishing for Catfish

Ah, the American Catfish! The big 3: Blues, Network Cats and also Flatheads; aren’t they a fantastic species of fish? Each one has its very own outstanding features to excitement Catfishermen and ladies throughout the United States and even worldwide. Flatheads, with their large, large heads as well as level tails, have my vote as the hardest drawing fish pound-for-pound in fresh water No Catfisherman can speak long without telling their favorite Network Pet cat story.

Channel Cats live virtually anywhere in fresh water and consume a huge range of baits, from prepared have an odor baits to live lures. I believe these whisker fish are the most versatile as well as adaptive participants of the Catfish family. The next Catfish participant, the Blue Pet cat, also generally called a White Feline, gets my pick for the best around, year-round Catfish. This is likewise the fish I target with my non-typical Cat-fishing methods. Although Network Cats and also Flatheads are captured utilizing these techniques, Blue Cats remain the king in mass numbers. These men expand big and also fast as well as will strike your bait with a vengeance. And also, they pull hard in the Winter season, Springtime, Summer and also Fall.

The Blue Catfish.

Heaven Pet cat is really an amazing fish. I have caught these fish as deep as 96 feet at the end of a river network in cool water.
conditions. I have actually likewise seen them come right as much as the leading as well as smash an institution of shad just as a Striper or White Bass would do in cozy water problems. As for I can tell, these fish feed hostile all year, which in my point of view sets them in addition to Flatheads and also Network Cats. Records of Blues succumbing to lead spoons, jigs, crank baits, and also several other synthetic appeals are not uncommon at any time of the year. The other Blue Pet cat reward is their dimension, growing much bigger compared to Network Cats and also a smidge larger than Flatheads. That makes your chances of catching a Blue Feline over 20 pounds a majorly fact. Fish over 50 extra pounds are not that tough to discover in tanks and also rivers that have actually had time to produce that dimension of Catfish.

These fish expand to be over 100 extra pounds – it’s the exemption and not the guideline, yet it does take place. That’s the appeal in establishing and angling for Blue Felines: your following fish may be 1 pound, 51 pounds, or 101 extra pounds.

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