5 Modern Bathroom Cabinet Ideas (the Latest Trend)

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To make your bathroom appears much spacious than it originally was, using a cabinet to store all bathroom needs is recommended. Among dozens of bathroom cabinet ideas, it might be much safer if you choose those which are compact in size.

But things aren’t as easy as you think. Rather, it can be as difficult as how you pick your outfit for the day. Why? It’s because you need one which is in tune with your small bathroom ideas.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Cabinet Idea

Rustic Wood Bathroom Cabinet

This particular cabinet is a must for your rustic themed bathroom. With a couple of removable baskets and two other slide-out drawers, this cabinet can store your bathroom needs in a relatively small space.

In addition to those visible features, there is this cramped hole on its back. This cubbyhole is definitely perfect to store any of your cleaning supplies. The best thing about this cabinet is that there is a pair of casters attached on each side, making this cabinet is easy to move.

The Cottage Modern Cabinet Idea

bathroom vanity ideas

This is another cabinet idea suit your modern bathroom. At first sight, this attached cabinet looks so-so but have you try to look at its features?

  • Towel bar

Attached to the bottom part of the cabinet is a bar appropriate to hang a whole full-size towel. Now there is no need for you to hang your wet towel onto the clothing rack.

  • Open shelf and hidden shelf for storage

While the former can be used for display purposes, the former is more to storage your needs—like body cleanser, shampoo, tissue, etc.

Mirror-covered Aluminum Cabinet Idea (Single Door)

As one of the bathroom cabinet ideas, this cabinet is perfect for your modern bathroom ideas, just saying. Well, one look and it will scream modern to you. The body is made of aluminum while the door is covered by a reversible mirror. More than that, a mirror is also attached to the interior of the cabinet.

Mirrors aside, this cabinet seems perfectly fine to store various bathroom needs. To assure, there are three racks inside the cabinet. It’s definitely an all-in-one type of cabinet.

X Dark Tower Cabinet Idea

This tower is not an ordinary tower for sure because it can store your bathroom needs within a small space of your bathroom. It goes without saying that the narrow size of the tower makes it possible.

  • Spacious cupboard

The bottom part of this tower is made purposely for you to storage those unattractive items, cleaning supplies, for example.

  • X-shaped cubbyhole

Obviously, the attractive point of this cabinet is on this particular feature. With this alone, you can store your towels in a pleasant-to-eyes manner.

Over-the-Toilet Type Cabinet Idea

entranching bathroom vanity ideas

The last cabinet idea is those of over-the-toilet type of cabinet. This particular cabinet can save your space by being such a compact and effective cabinet.

Tissue, soap, towel, you can grab them in a flash. As one of the bathroom cabinet ideas, this one cabinet idea is not a bad choice to try.

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