Benefits and Side Effects of Soybean Milk for Pregnant Women

The consumption pattern should be one that is considered by pregnant women. Healthy intake that supports pregnancy is needed. One that is often the subject of conversation is the consumption of soy milk.

Consumption of soy milk is still being debated. A number of studies claim the benefits for pregnant women. However, at the same time, a series of other studies actually oppose it.

Soy milk contains protein with the same levels as cow’s milk. Although known as an important source of calcium and protein for pregnancy, the bodies of some women reject it.

Citing LiveStrong, the following benefits and side effects of consumption of soy milk for pregnant women.

The benefits

1. As a source of protein
Soybean is one of the best sources of protein because it contains nine vital amino acids in it. Including more protein in the diet menu is the key to pregnancy.

2. Development of the baby’s nervous system
Most pregnant women are asked to take folic acid supplements during pregnancy. Folic acid is known to help the development of the nervous system in infants. Soy milk is a natural source of folic acid.

3. Vitamins help the baby’s growth
Soy milk is rich in various vitamins, ranging from vitamins A, B1, and E. Not only being a pregnant woman remains healthy, but these vitamins also help the growth of the baby in the fetus.

4. Maintain the energy of pregnant women
Soy milk is known for its carbohydrate content. The content is very important to maintain the energy levels of pregnant women remain high.  read also about the benefits of buah zuriat here

Side effects

Reported by cnnindonesia, Consumption of soy milk in pregnant women comes with a variety of side effects that surround it. Here are some side effects of soy milk consumption:

1. Blocking mineral absorption
Soy milk contains phytic acid which is beneficial and dangerous for pregnant women. On one hand, phytic acid can reduce the absorption of some harmful metals. But on the other hand, phytic acid also blocks the absorption of essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and zync that pregnant women need.

2. Lowering good cholesterol
Low fat is one of the positive aspects of soy milk. However, it should be noted that a pregnant woman needs good cholesterol to produce progesterone, estrogen, and vitamin D.

3. Inhibits the development of the baby
Soy milk contains isoflavones which can mimic estrogen in the human body. Consuming lots of isoflavones can have an impact on the development of the baby in the fetus.

A number of studies linking consumption of soy milk in large portions by pregnant women with tumors in infants. In addition, isoflavones can also cause migraines in pregnant women.

4. Allergy
Soy milk will have a different effect on each woman. Some pregnant women will feel an allergic reaction due to soy milk through rashes, vomiting, and inflammation.

Moderation is the key word in this regard. Consuming one or two glasses of soy milk for a day is the right size. If you are still in doubt, consult your doctor before consuming soy milk

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