Edward Heath Life and His Accomplishment as Prime Minister

Edward Heath was one of Prime Ministers in the United Kingdom who also had nickname as Ted Heath. He served as Leader in Conservative Party and became Prime Minister.

Before joined parliamentary career, he also involved in Royal Army as Lieutenant during World War 2. Besides, he had interest in Europe Communities. More about him will be explored in below sections.

Early life

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He had complete name as Sir Edward Richard George Heath. In early childhood, people used to call him Ted. He was born in Broadstairs, Kent in 9 July 1916. His father was carpenter who later had his own shop. Moreover, his mother was a maid.

In early education life, Ted Heath attended Chatham House Grammar School then received scholarship to study in Balliol College, Oxford. He also had accomplishment as musician played Organ. With that talent, he earned scholarship and stayed in college for next four years.

The Parliament Career

Edward Heath was very active during college year. He became President of Oxford Conservative Association. He won election, but subsequently failed to secure the next period due to loss. After college, he travelled abroad, particularly meeting Nazi officer.

During World War II, he was posted in Royal Artillery as second lieutenant. He participated in Normandy landing and met Foreign minister of French. After the war ended, he started as civil servant in Ministry of Civil Aviation. After that, he moved to newspaper as editor in Church Times. That period happened in 1945 to 1950.

His parliamentary career started in 1950 as representative for Baxley. He was Member of Parliament and appointed as Whip. He did not received favor during period before 1964, until he won leadership position.

The Prime Minister

Edward Heath became Prime Minister since 1970 to 1974. That was short period with accomplishment and opposition from many sides. He had intention to reform many aspects.

He concerned to welfare state and insurance sustainable. During his tenure as Prime Minister, several regulations were established, such as the benefits for school, dentistry, family, pension, and education. Furthermore, he urged trading committees to work together.

Post-Prime Minister

Conservative might be winner in 1974 election, but it was hardly to develop agreement with other parties. This condition made him to withdraw from the Prime Minister position. However, Edward Heath still had leadership support.

People recognized him as opposition of Thatcher. He was still active in Parliament, even quite popular. Different leadership perspective made him not in good term with his successor.

He appeared in several events, including became the ambassador to some visiting sessions. Furthermore, he was a part of Chancellor of Oxford University. The longest career was the Father of House that he obtained after retirement.

Personal Life

Ted Heath did not married in his life, and he is one of four Prime Ministers that did such thing. He had several homes in countryside, including the one in Albany. He also tried to get home in French.

One of his hobbies was yacht where he was considered very keen. He bought his own yacht and participated in several competitions that he captained on his own. Well, Edward Heath suffered pneumonia and died in 17 July 2005.

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