4 Applicable Healthy Recipes (the Best Inspirations)

healthy dinner

Modern day gives more opportunity to obtain various foods. You can eat raw fruits for breakfast and dinner, then bread during lunch. Well, healthy recipes help to give nutrition based on what your body needs. The recipe combines several ingredients that are easy to cook at home.

For your information, cooking section plays crucial role. There is no point for being healthy without proper cooking from the preparation until it’s ready to serve. The constant healthy food everyday helps to maintain body metabolism, prevent ills, and keep the cell development in check.

Healthy Recipes for Breakfast

healthy breakfast

In fact, the delicious breakfast boosts spirit in the morning. After long sleep, digestive system does not have anything to do and you will feel like losing the energy. This is where breakfast becomes important thing to fulfill. Below recipes can help to serve nutritious and delicious meal in the morning.

  • Fruit smoothie and yogurt
  • Oatmeal and egg
  • Banana smoothie and peanut butter
  • Salad sandwich
  • Sweet potato and apple

Well, from the list above, breakfast recipes tend to be easy to prepare in less than fifteen minutes. Moreover, the foods have to combine the carb, vitamin, and mineral. Carb gives energy, while vitamin and mineral deliver metabolism balance.

Healthy Recipes for Dinner

healthy dinner

Dinner is the right time to enjoy and relax while eating foods. Some people have simple dinner with just bread, fruits, and sandwich. Regardless the foods, dinner has to be healthy without improper nutrients.

In addition, the healthy recipes for dinner start with simple cooking or less time to prepare. You can enjoy fruits smoothie and egg to bring fresh mood. For smoothie, the fruits should be fresh, but the frozen ones are good alternative as well. The following recipes are suitable for dinner alongside healthy food

  • The grilled shrimp and lettuce
  • Chicken, broccoli, and rice
  • Vegetables noodles with beef or chicken
  • Apple salad, grilled salmon, and kale

Healthy Recipes for Kids

Well, kids need to eat properly to support their body growth and development. However, too much calorie is not suitable for their metabolism balance as body requires vitamin and mineral as well.

Parents can try several recipes for their kids. First recipe uses potato fries and apple. Use olive oil for frying the potato to prevent bad fats attached on them. Apple can be replaced with other fruits such as banana, mango, strawberry, and orange. The second recipe is baked almond fish with salad.

Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Overweight gives bad posture for body appearance. Moreover, obesity is preemptive factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To create diet program, there are some recipes to consume every day. Commitment and consistency is the key to success in weight loss diet.

In general, you can consume every food, but exhaust properly through daily activity. Eat fewer calories to force body takes fat that’s already stored to turn into calorie. After that, serve healthy recipes with fruits as nature sugar source, peanut, and vegetables.

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