Your Plastic Waste Can Be A Material To Build A House, Ecobrick The Solution!

It’s no secret that plastic waste is a big problem for the environment. We produce 300 million tons of plastic every year and 8 million tons of plastic is discharged into the sea every year. In fact, it is estimated that 100 thousand marine biota die from plastic every year. Horrified, huh?

Various solutions were made to reduce plastic waste. One of them is ecobrick. Hmm, what is ecobrick and how effective is it for the environment? See more, let’s go!

1. What is an ecobrick?

Let’s get closer with ecobrick. Actually, ecobrick is a plastic bottle filled with other plastic material to meet a certain density level.

The finished Ecobrick can be reused as building material. Because of its benefits, the environmental community in various countries began campaigning for ecobrick making as an alternative in processing waste.

2. What is an ecobrick made?

From its own names, namely ‘eco’ and ‘brick’ which can be interpreted as environmentally friendly bricks, ecobrick can indeed be used as material in building materials. Yep, we can replace conventional bricks with an ecobrick to make a house! Besides that, we can make the ecobrick as furniture, such as chairs, tables and so on.

3. Where did the ecobrick-making idea come from?

Ever wondered, who thought about building a plastic bottle? Well, this idea actually came from Andreas Froese, a German architect who used a plastic bottle filled with sand as a building material in 2000.

In 2003, this idea was adapted by Alvaro Molina. Gradually, the concept of ecobrick is increasingly known and spread throughout the world.

4. How to make an ecobrick?

Are you interested in making an ecobrick? Follow the steps below! First, prepare small-sized plastic waste, such as food wrap, straws or other plastic packaging.

Then, prepare a large plastic bottle (at least 1.5 liters). After that, put the plastic trash into the bottle, use a stick to push it so that it fits inside.

Continue to do it until the plastic bottle is full and weighs 500 grams. Then, close the bottle and the ecobrick is ready! You can combine several ecobricks into one. Voila! You can make your own ecobrick chair!

5. Even though it’s easy, fulfill the requirements for making this ecobrick!

Even though it sounds easy, in fact there are some conditions that you must fulfill. For example, the bottle must be clean and dry. Not only that, plastic waste must also be clean and dry so that no bacteria grows in it.

Bottles must also be solid and hard. To test density, we can press the bottle from the outside. A good ecobrick is not deflated and doesn’t ring if pressed. Simple, right? Try to practice it!

6. What are the benefits of ecobrick for the environment?

What is the role of the ecobrick for the environment? Usually, we never think about the fate of the plastic bottles we throw away.

Ecobrick increases ecological awareness and makes us more concerned with the environment. In addition, small plastic discarded will pollute the environment.

By inserting plastic waste into an ecobrick bottle, it will prevent the buildup of toxic gases that produce methane gas. PET plastic bottles are perfect for sealing plastics because of their long life and protecting their contents from UV light, explained the Sustainability Project page.


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