5 Safe Tips When Children Want To Ride An E-Scooter

The Cognitive Development of Your Child

E-Scooter (short for Electric Scooter) has recently skyrocketed in popularity, especially among children. If your little one starts to show enthusiasm and ask for permission to ride it, parents need to be wiser when accompanying them. Both parents and children must understand the safety of riding an e-scooter.

Also, be aware, not a few accidents caused by this electric scooter. In 2018, there were reported increases in head, arm, elbow and waist injuries due to this new toy. Therefore, know these safety tips to avoid unwanted events, especially when our children will play e-scooter.

Safe tips to allow children to ride e-scooter

Not a single parent wants a wretched baby. As a precaution, here are some ways to prevent and anticipate that children stay safe when playing e-scooter.

1. Always wear a helmet, no no!
E-scooters are usually leased in public places and rarely provide helmets let alone protective accessories for lutur and elbows. For this reason, parents are advised to take the initiative to bring the equipment or at least bring their own helmets.

Children tend to be careless and do not understand the rules and conditions of the road. As parents, child safety is a top priority. You must always be prepared to anticipate unexpected events. The parents are sometimes negligent because they see the speed of this electric scooter that is not too fast. However, children are different from adults. Just a little bump can cause a scar until they are adults.

2. Avoid playing e-scooter at night
Because targeting the cooler air and road conditions that are not too busy, you have forgotten the safety of children and let them play e-scooter at night without thinking about its safety.

Remember the safety of the child is more important. Although quiet, at night the risk of accidents is higher than during the daytime. E-scooters don’t have lights like on motorbikes. So if there is a hole in the road or any obstacle will not be seen. Invite the children to play this scooter while spending the weekend together. Besides being safer, quality time with family becomes more awake and pleasant.

3. Use bright clothes and shoes
In order to attract the attention of larger vehicles, do not forget to wear bright clothes on children. In this way, motorists and cars will more easily recognize movement and keep a safe distance from your child. Shoes are also important for the safety of your child’s feet so they don’t get hurt. Scooters only have two wheels so they will often stop which requires a footstool.

4. Do not let the child’s security be disturbed because it does not hold full control
Kids these days can’t be separated by the name of the gadget. For safety reasons when riding an e-scooter, make rules like they are allowed to ride a scooter on condition that their gadgets are stored. If not, the scooter will be difficult to control because the hands do not fully hold the handle.

5. Accompany your child but don’t ride together
For the sake of children’s safety, you must be willing to go as far as they play electric scooters. Do not be lazy and take part in riding this scooter because when riding together, the load becomes excessive and the scooter will easily sway and fall. E-scooter is not made to ride, so it will be very dangerous if driven by two people at once. Despite your intention to maintain the safety of children, but the risks are not comparable.

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