Are These 7 Functions of a Drone Apart for Air Photography, Have You Used It?

Photography and videography hobbyists sometimes want to have this one tool. Yep, who doesn’t know a drone? These small and light unmanned aircraft are often relied upon by aerial photography hobbyists in photographing and recording objects from a height.

However, the function of the drone is not just that. Its functions vary, from recreational, commercial to military. Curious? Let’s look!

1. Used when natural disasters occur

Natural disasters can cut access between locations. Humans also have limitations in accessing the place of disaster. The sophistication of the drone was used when the disaster arrived.

For example, tracking victims, collecting and sending medical samples, supplies and medicines to remote areas and not affordable, said the Dummies page. In addition, the drone can also use infrared sensors to detect humans and help in search and rescue scenarios.

2. Helps in mining, gas and petroleum exploration

With the help of certain electromagnetic sensors, drones can be used to collect geological information. In addition, its existence can help geophysicists identify and estimate the location and whereabouts of minerals, oil and natural gas, said the Dummies page.

In addition, drones can be used to manage infrastructure and assets for companies. This benefit makes oil, gas and mining companies cut costs, increase efficiency and bright competitiveness of the Dronitech page. Multifunction!

3. Used in the world of construction and real estate

There are still many fields of work that require drones. One of them is the world of construction and real estate.

Drones make it easy to survey land and gather information on construction sites. Drones are also used to collect videos and pictures of houses and buildings, which are then used for marketing materials and help with the process of selling real estate.

4. Part of military strategy and tactics

In various countries, the use of drones in the military field began to be massive. Drones are used for war strategies, watching enemies to become spies.

Not only that, the drone is used for traffic security and control, said the Drone Rush page. FYI, the forerunner to the unmanned aircraft was first made during the first world war.

5. Helping firefighters

How can drones help in extinguishing fires? There are several things that can be done, such as providing information directly on the location of a fire, how the fire spreads, where the evacuation point is and finding victims trapped in a room, said the UAV Coach page. In addition, there are also drones that were developed to spray water at the point identified as fire, you know!

6. Used in agriculture

More and more fields of agriculture need drones. Here, its use is applied to increase crop production and monitor plant growth

Drones that fly at altitude can also provide information regarding irrigation problems, soil variations, pest attacks and plant health conditions. Very sophisticated!

7. Used to monitor traffic

Finally, drones are also used to help control traffic. From the height, the drone will record whether or not the streets are congested, as well as whether there are events such as traffic accidents, bright the page of Science Focus. From a distance, the traffic conditions can be monitored easily and quickly.

Well, that’s 7 functions of drones besides being used in the field of aerial photography. Technological sophistication indeed makes life easier for humans, huh!

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