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How to make a small swimming pool is expected to be a solution for those of you who are planning the availability of swimming facilities with minimal capital. Although small, it does not mean that the pool loses its function.

In general, the construction is the same as a large pool. The difference only lies in its size. This is based on land limitations and the budget for its development.

You do this by dredging the soil, making a foundation for the base and walls, and installing a pipe installation for water circulation. The rest, you simply take care properly.

Especially for the model, this can be peeked directly at There, the design and size descriptions have been spelled out. You only need to imitate and build it at home.

In this discussion, we will only show you about the dimensions of an ideal mini pond. But before reviewing, it’s good you know the benefits of a small swimming pool.

Benefits of Making a Mini Swimming Pool

Almost everyone likes this water sports. For those of you who love to swim, it is highly recommended to build it yourself at home. Of course, with a note that you have an area that can be maximized to build it.

It doesn’t matter if the pool being built is small. Because, this small building is also useful. Are as follows.

1. As a Training Site

Swimming is an exciting activity. This ability is also very necessary to complete survival skills. For example if a disaster occurs such as a tsunami or a sinking ship.

The rest, this skill is also needed to be a part of sports or play. For example if you want to be an athlete, or just play water on the beach.

Whatever the reason, you need to do the exercise before entering the water. Practicing this swimming ability can be done in stages. One place is a mini swimming pool.

Even if you don’t ask the instructor for help, you can continue to practice. Of course, without worrying about sinking. Because a pool like this looks safer.

2. Used by children

Actually, mini-sized swimming pool is not only limited to children. Adults can also use it. For example, to relax or let go of the desire to swim.

But most importantly, the pool is made specifically to meet the needs of children. At least, a small pool is much safer. In fact, you can play with children in your free time to create intimacy in the family.

3. Budget Savings

Building a small pool, of course, doesn’t cost much. You can make it happen with the budget you have. More precisely not to spend hundreds of millions of rupiah.

You can reduce costs by up to 50% compared to when creating a large pool. Even more so when you are more selective in choosing material.

Small Swimming Pool Size

Talk about how to make a small swimming pool, this is inseparable from the size of the pool itself. The size must be considered in detail. At a minimum, you can enjoy swimming in the pool. And there are two things that need attention.

1. Swimming Pool Depth

The first point is directly related to the depth of the pond. Its depth must be carefully calculated. At the very least, children can be safer and you can also enjoy activities at the pool.

Regarding depth, there are options to choose from. The first choice is made with a depth of about 50 cm. Swimming like this is only intended for playgrounds.

While the second option is a pool with a depth of about 1-1.5 meters. This pool is quite a comfortable swimming pool. And of course it’s safe enough to be used by children.

For the bottom of the pool, this can be adjusted as desired. For example making a pool with the same overall depth. Or, you can make the center of the pool deeper than the lip of the pool.

2. Dimensions of Pool Length and Width

In addition to calculating depth, you are also advised to adjust the dimensions of the pool. Pool length and width must be adjusted properly.

Dimensions can be made in sizes 2 x 2.5 meters. Or, it can also be made 3 x 2.5 meters. This dimension is enough to make you more free when swimming.

These dimensions are adjusted to the size of the ground. Dimensions can be increased if you have more land and need a very large pool.

In essence, you can still swim freely in the pool. The key lies in the depth and dimensions of the pond. Therefore, decide on these factors, then realize how to make a small swimming pool within your budget.

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