How to Overcome Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Parents need to find ways to overcome eating disorders in adolescents. Sometimes the desire to have a perfect body makes them take ways that actually harm health. Starting from too strict diet, to spewing food.

Not only psychologically, but also the physical youth adversely affected to achieve the body shape of his dreams. There are several ways parents and school can take to embrace teens who have eating disorders.

Abduct because of eating disorders in adolescents

Overcoming eating disorders in adolescents is one of the tasks of parents and school. Often this problem is insulated because there are some eating disorders that are not noticed. In fact, this has a negative impact on health, emotions, and the ability to look at important aspects of life.

One of the common eating disorders that occur in adolescents include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders. Actually, eating disorders are not yet known the exact cause. But there are several factors that can affect adolescent eating patterns, including:

1. Social pressure
The environment affects the way teenagers view perfect bodies or commonly called body goals. Social media and advertisement exposure have so far described the perfect body as thin, fair-skinned, which in turn has an impact on adolescents’ psychological well-being, affecting their diet.

2. Desired activities
Being a model or public figure is required to pay attention to appearance, especially body weight. This demand can also increase the risk of eating disorders. If you see teenagers limiting their food intake, parents need to overcome their eating disorders.

3. Personal factors
Mentioned in the Mayo Clinic, that genetic and biological factors allow teens to experience eating disorders. Teenagers who have perfectionism, anxiety, and who tend to be fragile can get caught up in eating disorders.

Maybe not all parents know the characteristics of their children who experience this disorder. Every child has different eating patterns and signs of eating disorders. Therefore, it is important to take steps to overcome eating disorders in adolescents.

Not all children are exposed to what they often think and make it stressful, so they decide to set their own eating patterns in order to achieve an ideal body. In fact, unconsciously, what he does can endanger health.

Here are the signs that parents must know:

– Past meals, it is reasonable not to eat or eat quietly
– Excessive attention to diet
– Feeling anxious about his weight
-Laxative abuse
-Excessive exercise
-Consume a lot of food or snacks
– Depressed and feeling guilty for his eating habits
Therefore, immediately take the step of approach in overcoming eating disorders in adolescents.

Overcoming eating disorders in adolescents

healthy breakfast

If you find some of the signs above in teenagers, try to communicate directly well. Ask if there are things that disturb his mind so far. Is there something that makes him nervous about his own posture.

To overcome eating disorders in adolescents, try discussing and raising the following points.

1. Encourage healthy eating habits
Maybe teenagers have a certain idol as a benchmark body goals. Support him by providing information to undergo a healthy diet. This method is done so that nutritional needs are also balanced, and increase energy and performance.

Also tell him, it never hurts to eat when hungry. Encouraging healthy eating habits is an effort to overcome eating disorders in adolescents.

2. Discussion about media messages
Teenagers tend to absorb information that the ideal body is what is seen on television programs, social media, or films. Though not necessarily.

Lead a discussion that what he does can be a sign of eating disorders in adolescents that can worsen his health problems.

Let your child think that what he is doing is not a good thing for his body. There are still healthy ways to get the ideal body.

3. Give an overview of the body image
Give confidence to teens that everyone has a different body shape. Each individual has their own way to maintain their physical health.

Remind him that joke calls that lead to physical characteristics can trigger negative thoughts on their body image and themselves. However health is the main thing, compared to the ideal body image.

4. Increase confidence
To overcome eating disorders in adolescents, try to increase self-confidence. Appreciate and continue to provide support for what has been achieved.

Listen to what he wants in the near future. Remind him that you love him unconditionally, not based on body shape or weight.

5. Tell the dangers of unhealthy diets and emotional eating
Teenagers with eating disorders usually undergo an unhealthy diet. This certainly will affect his health. For that, tell your child about the bad possibilities of what will happen if he continues to live such a lifestyle.

However, teenagers are still in their infancy. Encourage him to understand his emotions when eating and how to control them. Give also tips on a healthy diet if he still wants to achieve his body goals.

If the method above doesn’t work ….
The above method is a preventive effort so that teenagers are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, and can look at themselves positively.

If this method hasn’t changed his mindset, try to involve a doctor, dietitian, or therapist.

They will help eating disorders in adolescents. Maybe doctors will prescribe medicines to deal with binge eating, anxiety, or depression experienced. These medications and treatments depend on individual conditions.

Therefore, parents need to keep watching and getting closer to their teenage children. That way, eating disorders in adolescents can still be overcome before it’s too late. tabbayun this article if wrong

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