Writing as an Investment in the Future

Many people assume that writing is a passive activity and produces less in the form of material.

But not a few people believe that writing is an important activity and is useful as an investment in the future both in terms of material, science, and ability.

Writing a book, for example, does not only practice writing skills and language skills but can also increase income and even change others.

In ancient times, when paper and other stationery had not been created, humans sought ways to record important things such as.

Then an inscription was created that contained clues to the existence of life in the past to become a history that is useful as learning in the present.

Over time, humans capture events through writing. They consider writing to be authentic proof.

Therefore, writing can invest history.

Writing is a weapon of civilization

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There is a famous saying that to destroy a country does not need to be with a gun and a bomb but with evocative writing. In other words, writing can move or change one’s mindset in acting.

Writing indirectly affects someone. Of course the writing in question is writing that has power or strength, is inviting, persuasive, and communicative.

Posts that are full of information, data, facts, and perspectives will certainly transform the writing itself into a weapon both to destroy shackles or to build a national mindset to be better.

Of course you often find several writers who write motivational books. The book turned out to not only serve to give enthusiasm but also to disseminate good ways. When many people read, this is where good investment is taking place.

Investing in goodness through writing means: you leave something useful to many people in general, especially if the writing is disseminated.

Ease of Writing

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Today’s technology is very supportive of this, for example social media and the internet.

People can easily read your writing, give an assessment, and get new information from what you write and even be inspired and do other good things.

But unfortunately, many people still think writing is not easy. In fact, great writers all over the world have also had difficulty writing such as composing sentences, compiling lines of writing, making titles, even finding ideas.

In the end they grew to become great writers because of the desire to learn strong writing and effort to be better from day to day in writing.

Long Term Investing with Writing

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If you find difficulty in writing or difficulty in determining the theme of writing, then you are advised to keep writing while enriching your knowledge.

When you learn new things, find ideas, see things for the first time, you should try to record them in written form contoh surat lamaran kerja.

Gradually you will realize your ability and mindset to develop. Of course this is a useful long-term investment in the future.

The more active a person writes, the indirect knowledge and writing method will develop and improve. Many great writers initially used this as a material investment opportunity.

They write books and other writings then send them to publishers, print media, websites, and so on.

Not a few of them succeeded in gaining profits and eventually became known and inspired by other writers.

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